2. hannahhutton:

    friendly reminder that colin ford (little sam winchester)


    is now 17 and looks like this


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  3. Then suit up! 

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    Sherlock humour. 

    One of THE FUCKING BEST scenes ever.

    [erotic moan text alert]

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  5. vivisroom:


    me when someone tries to explain math

    that comment is so accurate it hurts

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  6. my kitten is snoring it’s so cute I never want to sleep

  7. when you play the game of thrones you either win or you die; there is no middle ground

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  8. Please keep Trayvon’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

    "When the world’s at war, let our love heal us all."

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  9. I couldn’t get the boy to kill me. [x]

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